On Women's Day & Modern Feminists

As has been my ideology, I don’t believe in special days. Even in my earlier posts, I have been critical of being a way just for a particular day, and forgetting all about it the very next. International Women’s day is one such day, chauvinist and discriminatory. Shouldn’t feminists realise that by celebrating one day a year as women’s day, all they manage to do is make the remaining 364 days, de facto men’s days?

But the feminist movement has been such, full of symbolism. Feminists have demanded equal rights through affirmative action, using terms like the glass ceiling as an excuse for this. But it is obvious, looking at the history of reservations, that it is a discriminatory practice, and serves only to deepen whatever divide it was supposed to narrow. Many of the same feminists claim to be against any kind of reservations, but find an excuse for supporting the women’s bill.

Feminism is also a matter of convenience. Feminist have battled in many places to get women included in areas considered male bastions. But most of these are domains of convenience. There are many laws that discriminate against women from entering particular specializations as they are seen to be hazardous (These fields are equally hazardous for men). But feminists never argue that the same thing is anti-women or anti-equality. An example of this is Mining Engineering in India which continues to be a male bastion, as law does not permit women to enter mines. (Why allow women in armed forces then? Aren’t they equally hazardous?)

Many of the laws supported by feminists, like the anti-dowry law, are draconian in nature. It allows no room for the alleged culprit to prove his innocence. Many husbands have been harassed by their wives through the misuse of this law, but I haven’t heard a feminist complain.

It is always difficult to understand feminists. If you open the door for them you are an MCP, but if you don’t you lack basic courtesy. On one hand the expect chivalry, but on the other hand they will condemn chivalry as treating women as an inferior species.

I don’t understand if feminists are just confused themselves or out to confuse others. I believe that feminist movement has fallen prey to self interest, and is being abused by publicity hunters. As with all equality movements be it gender, caste, race, or religion the mission seems to be hijacked by symbolism more then benefit of women.


puppy said…
Reading your bio and you said you love a good conversation and debate. Do you visit www.intentblog.com ? I get totally immersed in the dialogue there - particularly the posts by Shekhar Kapur and Deepak Chopra.
Anyways, I thought I would pass it on.
Nice site.
Ships said…
nice post... but i disagree, with some of the points... how many women in a population of millions, do harrass their in-laws?? i mean .. c'mon a vast majority dont even know of laws out there to protect them from dowry related problems... n abt mining engg... well... there r women who want to gt thr, the laws need revison.. infact there r lady pilots who want to fly fighter planes, but laws forbid them... so cmon dont u blame the entire womenkind of duality only coz of some really insane, so-called feminist leaders.
sandra said…
Men want to be women, women want to be men. Nobody is satisfied. What is a feminist anyway? Women who want the same rights as men? Everybody is both masculine and feminine. Maybe those females who are more masculine are feminist, and the guys who are more feminine are sweet and tender.

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