Nullifying the effect of Amrit

According to Hindu mythology, the Amrit is a drink that provides immortality.

After the general elections of 2004, Sonia Gandhi had taken what could be called the political equivalent of the Amrit, by sacrificing the topmost executive post of the country, the office of Prime Minister. By doing this, it was widely believed (and projected) that Mrs. Gandhi had proved that she had no love for high offices, and was doing everything out of her love for the country.

It was this Amrit that protected Mrs. Gandhi from the actions of the government, time and again. Be it the Oil-for-food scam, the Quattrochi Scandal, or the midnight dissolution of the Bihar assembly, no fingers were pointed as Mrs. Gandhi, simply because she wasn’t heading the government. She was simply the head of National Advisory Committee (NAC), with the power to look at any official document, but accountable for nothing.

Somewhere in the same universe, a non-descript Congressman by the name of Madan Mohan filed a case against a Jaya Bachchan for holding two government offices of profit simultaneously. The poor lady defended herself saying that she hadn’t received a cent of the other office she held, hence should not be disqualified from the Rajya Sabha. But the EC interpreted it as not just what she was receiving, but also what she was entitled to receive, that made her ineligible.

Jaya Bachchan’s party found out that the same clause was applicable to the head of NAC. And the proverbial Pandora’s Box was opened. Suddenly all the Madam’s Congressmen were running helter-skelter to protect their Soniaji. The only way out was the promulgation of an ordinance, which left the head of NAC out of offices of profit. The parliament was adjourned sine die, as an ordinance cannot be promulgated when the parliament is in session.

And thus the effect of Amrit was nullified. There was an office (of profit, may I add) that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi wanted, unlike the popular perception. Mrs. Gandhi suddenly isn’t willing to sacrifice her parliament seat now, as she sacrificed her Prime Minister ship. Why is the heading the NAC more important to Mrs. Gandhi as compared to being the PM?

Well, one of the reasons is that the prime minister’s post is a crown of thorns, especially when heading a coalition government. Also the Prime Minister is held responsible for the failings of the government. Mrs. Gandhi got effective control over the PM’s post, minus the accountability. It was a win-win situation for her.

Mrs. Gandhi now finds herself in a sticky situation. The promulgation of an ordinance would take the sheen off her sacrifice, while being out of the NAC would leave her without any control on the government.


Theja said…
Good Post Mayank.

You do sure have Opinion on everything..Impressive!!
Chandan said…
You write amazingly well...well since i feel ur mind has a space for evrything u wont mind reading a nice book by scott adams "GOD's DEBRIS"..its a gr8 book and asks for some thinking after u finish the book..I have the soft copy...if u want it ask me..cheers
Ankur said…
Sonia strikes back!! You, me and perhaps the whole of the opposition thought that Madam is in a corner now! She has once again sensed and exploited a political opportunity with remarkable ingenuity. Now even the educated believe in her 'sacrifice' (even those who didn't fall for it last time). As for me.... I am her fan now!!

And hey! Thanks for linking to my blog. Were you in SPCE, by any chance?
Theja said…
Sonia has become a Master Politician. Super Strategies, man. I think we can have case studies on her too ;)

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