If India had a Marxist PM: My Take.

In a very interesting article on Rediff, Amulya Ganguli explores what would happen if India had a Marxist PM. He seems to have forgotten a few things. Here’s what I think would also have happened.

In all probability, India would handover not just Sikkim, but the entire North East to China as a gift, for being kind enough to allow India to exist. In addition, there might even be a promise of India replicating the red revolution. General Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Marx would replace Mahatma Gandhi on our currency notes.

The police force would be wound up. Instead, Naxalites would become the internal peace keeping force. If the government faced a shortage of internal security forces, Maoists from Nepal would be imported.

It would be a criminal offence to leverage technology. All machines would be replaced by humans, thus solving our employment problems. Any one earning over Rs. 100000/- a year would be arrested.

Books written by Romila Thapar would be textbooks for all subjects. The golden period of India would be that of Aurangzeb, and History textbooks would be full of his heroic acts of protecting his people from the atrocities of religious zealots like Shivaji and Guru Govind Singh. All revolutionaries and freedom fighters would be painted as stooges of the British Empire. India would get its freedom out of economic compulsions of the West, rather than the sacrifices of our martyrs.

The IITs and IIMs would be replaced by JNU clones. There will be reservations for illegal (they won’t be illegal then) Bangladeshi migrants in them.

Saurav Ganguly would be the captain of Indian Cricket team once more. There would be seven other Bengali players, the rest from Kerala. All imports from Australia would be banned.

Our Nuclear weapons will be gifted to Ahmedinijad, so as to show the rest of the world, how disarmament should be practiced. In return perhaps we could get some oil.


Ships said…
hehe... tat makes interesting reading... well.. also to add, Miss India contests would b banned... sarees might become the official uniform for all indian ladies...

At the same time, it'll become obligatory for the leading actors n actresses to perform at the wedding ceremonies of the Marxist leaders' relatives!

And also there would be only one newspaper nationwide, thoroughly screened n pruned n cooked n served to the deserving citizens. :)
shrikant said…
good stuff
keep it up
these communists do suck

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