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Monday, May 15, 2006 

Anti Reservation Protests: We are still the Land of the Mahatma

Take a poll today, and you will find that there are more fans of Bhagat Singh amongst the youth than those of Mahatma Gandhi. Much of the youth feels that violence was more potent a weapon against the British than non-violence. “ Maar do saale ko”, shouts the latest blockbuster Rang de Basanti, in which a corrupt politician is murdered by the protagonists. The mass appeal of the movie, and the way it has influenced the Indian youth makes one believe that the present generation feels that violence is a valid form of protest.

And yet, when it comes to the real-life political issue that has got the youth of India protesting, i.e. Mandal-II, it is a pleasant surprise that all protests have been non-violent at the students end. All violence that has occurred during the protests has been by the government machinery. It is the police who have lathi-charged the protesting doctors in various cities. There have been no instances of students being arrested, trying to kill Arjun Singh, the perpetrator of the crime of dividing the nation on caste lines, as the protagonists in RDB did. There have been no instances of youth being arrested trying to bomb the parliament, even though they haven’t received an iota of support from any political party.

But one definitely sees protest marches, similar to those against the Simon Commision. We do get to see non-violent protesters braving against lathi charges in the vein of Lala Lajpat Rai. And we see these young protesters, resorting to Bapu’s beloved weapon, the hunger strike. Add to these new forms of non-violent protests that technology has armed them with. Online petitions, blogs, chain e-mails and SMS have all been an active part in their campaign against reservations. Humour has been used to good effect, with some e-mails suggesting a reservation in the Indian cricket team, where the opposition bowls at reserved category players at a lesser pace.

Brash, rebellious, irrational are some epithets commonly hurled at youngsters. But the decency and calm with which the youth of the country has protested reservations in higher education, just goes to show the maturity of the youth of today. They may adore Bhagat Singh, but are equally adept at using the Mahatma’s methods.

This big issue, could prolly be just the match that lights the fire. And I dont mean it the way everyone's saying it.


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What about the sacrifice of Rajiv Goswami? Why is he forgotten among us?

The way the protesting students conducted themselves has to be appreciated. Yes you are right. They are showing great maturity in this fight against government. I am pretty sure that the victory will be for students.

I have written a piece about reservation and capitation fees in my blog


thats a very good observation...hope it stays that way and keeps the attention on the main issue

@ brijesh,rakesh: agree with you. Hope it comes out a s a victory for the protesters. Hope they don't compromise with the government.

@powerslave: We don't want to see our country burning, do we?

@trivialinc: Rajiv Goswami took an extreme step. But has it dettered anyone? TN has 70% reservations despite SC orders. OBC quotas have been implemented at different scales in different states. Also Rajiv Goswami incident took place at a time when the current protesters were too young to understand or appreciate his sacrifice.

Nicely written...

Let the peace prevail...

After all, Peace is more renowned than war.

But nobody in the govt. supported them, they lost the "peaceful Battle", isn't it?

Support the anti-reservation campaign today. Let us join our hands and voice our disapproval.

Remember your support counts!

Put this logo on your site ,on your blog, as a profile pic, display pic or just about anywhere. Let people know you are against reservation!

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finally aamir khan has decided to support the quota system, which is his democratic right.

he will soon be writing to arjun singh giving directions and guidelines to implement the policy.

as supreme court is also going to hear petitions about reservation policy, aamir will HIMSELF continuously monitor the situation and provide guiance to govt. as and when he thinks necessary.

He may be joined also by shabana azmi and mahesh bhatt in due course.

Liked your blog.Here is mine http://www.emotionalzombie.blogspot.com/ "No! Let’s join the self-proclaimed snobs protesting with slogans “Remember your place”, polishing shoes and cleaning premises? Let’s pretend not to see it at all! Damn Reservations!"

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