Changes during an economic downturn

Ever since disaster stuck Lehman, things havent been what they used to be. Slowdown and recession fears loom large.

And you know that the economy is in dire straits when:

• Industry associations forget ‘growth’ and speak about ‘costs’

• Marketing becomes the popular choice over finance in b-school campuses

• The statement “I am a banker” generates sympathy rather than envy

• The ‘am’ in the above statement becomes a ‘was’

• HR managers hope that attrition rises

• Keynes replaces Friedman as theory of choice in economic text books

• The word ‘regulation’ is written in favourable terms in pink papers

• China becomes the’ savior’ instead of the ‘threat’ for the global economy

• His race is not a problem if the president can handle the economy

• The benefits of socialism are discussed outside the confines of Kerala and West Bengal

• And finally this happens to the world's richest football club:


Surya said…
a witty post, though I take exception to the picture on Man U - it should say US federal reserve.
Zhu said…
Wow, it's been a while!

Love the AIG-IOU. So true!
Mugdha said…
absolute fun...gud o kno hoe ppl can still c lighter side of things!!

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