Mush is in the Air!!!

Another Valentine’s Day! Big Deal! Especially for people like me who choose to stay single (be it lack of opportunity or otherwise) what does it hold? Mush, mush and more mush (I am not talking about General Parvez Mussharraf, the Pakistani premier).

Look at the TV channels. Even the channels meant for kids have Valentines Day specials.
Thank god for sports channels!! But even their anchors don’t forget to wish you a happy Val’s day, and even their studios have heart shaped decorations all around. Even news channels are so full of stories of the opposition to Val’s day by Hindu right wing groups. And during the breaks, you can’t escape the mushy ads, irrespective of the channel you are watching. And I don’t even want to speak about the movie channels.

So, tired of running through TV channels, one decides to read the Newspapers. But they too are full of V-ay stories or list of products to buy for one’s lovers. The society pages are full of advice of how to have a perfect V-day. TOI today didn’t even spare the sports page, listing hot sporting couples in their Mumbai edition. Expecting pink papers to fare better, one picks up ET, which too highlights the other events for which Feb 14 can be celebrated (much better a read, but again, no escaping the mush).

Hoping that blog sites will do better, one turns to them, but here as well, one can’t escape the ubiquitous v-day gift ads. And then you have bloggers who are either telling you where to find love, or how they plan to spend their V-day, or just plainly critical of the concept (like yours faithfully) on their blogs. Anywhere else on the internet too, you find similar stories, as with all other forms of media.

To cut the long story short, singles and uninterested people just can’t get away from the omnipresent Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th. Is there any escape from Valentines Day?


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