Nuclear weapons prevent War!

While the world leaders are discussing nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, I believe nuclear weapons must stay! I am no warmonger, but I believe that nuclear weapons are the reason that we have not seen a war between two major powers, that could have escalated into a third world war.

Today, we have seven nations that have declared the possession of nuclear arms, and many more are suspected of having nuclear capabilities. These Nukes have been around for more than 6 decades now, but how many times have we seen the use of Nukes after the bombardment of Hiroshima & Nagasaki? There have been no such instances. Even during the heights of Cold war did the two blocks consider a full-fledged war. More recently, even when Pakistan infringed the line of Control and entered Indian borders, the Indian government restrained itself to pushing the Pakis out of its borders and did not convert it to a full-scale war, even though both nations had nuclear weapons.

What has stopped these Nuclear powers from waging a nuclear war against the other? There are many reasons.

The most important: The Nuclear weapons themselves! Nuclear power serves as a deterrent from aggression; hence there is a mutual fear whenever two Nuclear powers consider war against each other. The human and economic cost is too high, as observed after the Japan bombings. Only a completely crazy despot with no sense of obligation towards his people would go for it.

Another reason is globalization. With the world trading with everyone else, no nation can afford to commit an act that will bring international condemnation/sanctions. Well, no nation except America. And if you have a delivery system which is capable of striking with nuclear capability in America, even the great US will leave you alone.

All in all nuclear weapons are not as bad as they are made out to be. I believe that the world is a safer place to live because we have nuclear weapons


*`~. R a j .~`* said…
hi Mayank !!

just came across ur blog while wandering ...

its really too heavy for me to digest ... be a bit light... a heavy topic to start a new year ... nyways

Jsport said…
i'd appreciate if you or whoever is reading this would help contribute to a discussion at the blog thanks
Eyeflow said…
I agree 100% - Nukes are preventing what I feel would be long drawn out "conventional wars". Nukes (or feel of them) I feel save many lives all over the world.

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