Lalooisation of the Indian Railways

Recently, there have been regular reports in the newspapers of increasing crimes in trains coming from the so called cow-belt of India. Indian railways was always notorious for its delays, but dacoity & gang rapes were unheard of, a rare incident here and there. The newspapers have found this important, as it has been hitting front pages of all leading dailies. However, none of the newspapers looked into the reasons for the sudden spurt in criminal activity in railways. The reason can be summed up in one word: LALOO.

With the end of Laloo-Raj in Bihar, the law-breakers have found themselves without a godfather to protect them. With Nitish Kumar considering law and order his first priority, these elements are forced too look for other safe heavens, as the rule of law in Bihar is a threat to their very existence. So they have taken their activities to a place where their Godfather is still in power – The Indian Railways.

I don’t know how anybody can fail to pick this link, it is more then obvious. The timing of the spurt in crime in the railways has coincided with the fall of Laloo from Bihar, and the kind of criminal activities we are seeing in the railways is similar to what Bihar has been suffering from for over a decade and a half now.

Kulhads instead of plastic cups & bidi allowances were fine, but one has to draw a line at this latest innovation of the Railway minister. I wonder why our mike wielding media has started asking Laloo tough questions with regards these incidents?


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